Disclosure Notices

EquityLock Solutions, Inc. (“EquityLock Solutions” or the “Company”) is a corporation formed under the laws of the State of Delaware. EquityLock Solutions is not an insurance company and does not issue any contracts or policies of insurance against any losses. The Company’s EquityLock products are contracts to hedge against risks, not investment contracts or contracts of insurance. Although they are designed to mitigate risks associated with declines in housing market values, EquityLock contracts do not eliminate all risks of real estate ownership. At the same time, although they are designed to manage the risks of drops in housing values, they may entitle you to payments even if your home does not decline in value. Because of the way our EquityLock contracts are structured, you may be entitled to contractually defined payments even if you sell your home at a profit, just as you may be entitled to no payments even if you sell your home at a price lower than its original value or if your home equity is impaired before or upon resale. Your rights to receive payments under an EquityLock contract depend on a geographically-defined index of housing values, not on changes in your home’s value in particular. EquityLock contracts have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any federal, state or local government regulators, including securities or insurance regulators of the federal government or any state, and EquityLock Solutions is not a regulated insurance or investment company.

We can offer the risk-reducing benefits of EquityLock contracts by analyzing extensive data on housing values, housing turnover rates, and other demographic and financial data, and making future projections on the basis of that information. The historical data we use and upon which we make projections has been obtained from industry recognized sources as well as proprietary calculations that we regard as generally reliable, but the Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the underlying data or computations based thereon. Past information related to housing markets is not a guarantee of future market performance, and EquityLock Solutions makes no guarantee about the direction of any housing values, including values in the market where you live or own a home. We regard our data collections and analysis as confidential. The Company reserves the right to reject applicants for EquityLock contracts or to charge different prices for those contracts on the basis of supply and demand forces, our own assessment of risks or other information.

When the Company sells EquityLock contracts, it maintains a portion of the purchase price in reserve accounts designed to provide sufficient funds to satisfy the Company’s contractual obligations assuming significant and sustained drops in housing values in all geographic markets. Although we maintain reserves in investment accounts in order to cover likely obligations under EquityLock contracts, those funds are the property of EquityLock Solutions and you do not retain any legal or beneficial rights in those investments. Once you purchase an EquityLock contract, the money you pay for that contract becomes the property of EquityLock Solutions. We do not guarantee any particular return on our investments and hold and direct those investments strictly for our own purposes (including our own projections of necessary reserves) in a manner designed to cover any payout requests and to cover other Company expenses, and not in the capacity as a money manager or fiduciary for EquityLock contract holders. EquityLock Solutions does not act as a fiduciary for any particular EquityLock contract holder, or for contract holders in the aggregate.

EquityLock Solutions may maintain relationships or accounts with real estate brokers, listing agents, escrow agents, and other real estate professionals in your area or elsewhere; with mortgage lenders, banks, money managers, investment professionals or other financial institutions; and with real estate developers or others with interests related to commercial or residential real estate. These relationships are useful in making EquityLock products available to individual homeowners like you. The interests of these individuals and institutions may not always align with your own interests, either in relation to your home, the housing values where you live, your EquityLock contract, or otherwise.

We have attempted to use plain English and little or no “legalese” in EquityLock contracts to define the rights and responsibilities those contracts create. Your rights are limited to those explicitly stated in EquityLock contracts signed by authorized representatives of the Company. You should not rely on any promotional information, representations or other statements outside of the EquityLock contract’s explicit terms for a definition of your rights and responsibilities under EquityLock contracts. EquityLock contracts may not be suitable or appropriate for all homeowners. You should make an independent determination about whether EquityLock products are right for your situation. We do not undertake to advise customers about whether EquityLock products are appropriate for them. We also do not undertake to advise EquityLock contract holders of the value of their home or the value of any housing indices after contract purchase.

Nothing contained in this website shall be construed as a solicitation or offer to do any business in any jurisdiction where prohibited by law or where the Company has elected not to underwrite business. The Company reserves the right to discontinue new business or enter into new jurisdictions at any time.