About Us

EquityLock Solutions, Inc.

EquityLock® is a category-defining financial services company with demonstrated market traction that offers real property owners protection against future declines in real estate market values through its innovative EquityLock Home Price Protection®, EquityLock First© and EquityLock Protector© products.

The following partners use EquityLock protection as a competitive advantage to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, increase sales and create recurring revenue.

* Mortgage Lenders & Servicers
* Banks & Credit Unions
* Realtors®
* Builders & Developers
* Relocation Companies
* Associations
* Asset Managers & Capital Markets

EquityLock Protection Overview

* Cash payment from EquityLock is not contingent upon the property’s future sales price.
* It is possible to receive a cash payment even if the home sells for a profit.
* Home sellers purchase EquityLock Protection on their home and transfer protection to their buyers at closing.
* Existing homeowners purchase EquityLock to preserve their equity from local market downturns in the future.
* Not insurance since cash payment is made regardless of future sales price.
* Can sell without insurance agents and avoids red tape of insurance classification.
* Available nationwide.

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